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Community Projects

We believe that craft should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income or ability. We offer a range of funded community projects to participate in, where you can meet new people, develop skills and tap into your creativity. 


“A really worthwhile community initiative that I’m delighted to support.  Through donating my ceramic kiln, tools and materials to Camborne Contemporary Crafts Hub, I am confident that its enthusiastic and professional promoters will introduce the maximum number of people to the empowering creative process.”


Anthony Fagin - artist and writer

Previous Projects

Some of our constantly evolving events and projects. 

Create Kids Crafts Club

December 2023-March 2024

Thanks to a very generous donation from an anonymous donor, Feast Cornwall's grant and EH Consulting's match funding we have been able to run an ongoing fully funded weekly craft club for a group of homeschooled children.


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GWR Station Community Mosaic

December 2023-March 2024

Mosaic Artist Alec Rice was commissioned by Camborne BID with funding from gwruk Customer and Community Fund to produce a mosaic installation for Camborne station. He worked alongside us at the Contemporary Crafts Hub to design and make the tiles needed right here in Camborne.

Collaboratively, we hosted 2 free community workshops. A  tile making day and a tile construction day at Create CIC, where participants could design their own tiles and help assemble the final Mosaic, ready to be installed at Camborne Station. 



April-December 2023

The #IWILL movement champions that all children and young people should be supported and empowered to make a positive difference on the issues that affect their lives, their communities and broader society. 

This protest pottery, youth led project sought to address issues the participants have chosen 'Marine Animal Rights' and 'Pretty Privilege and Gender Inequality in Cornish Institutions'. First by developing their debate and pottery skills over the duration of the 10 week program. Finally,  building up to their very own Protest Pottery Exhibition at Create Contemporary Crafts Hub. 


Camborne Streetdraw24 2023

September - October 2023

This 24 hour Community Art Event was hosted in collaboration with Streetdraw24 CIC. Designed to raise money and awareness for St Petrocs and to encourage participants to see where they live through fresh eyes.

Drawers took to the streets of Camborne, either independently or on one of our organised draws to capture their surroundings. The Drawings were then donated to Create CIC for our week long exhibition.


Our 28 drawers raised £350! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Girls Assemble X Create CIC

March 2023

We teamed up with Girls Assemble to offer a series of free after school workshops to girls aged 9-15. The Girls Assemble Team ran the first wooden frame making workshop. Followed by us teaching the girls lino cutting and tile making! The girls used the frame they made to cut a lino pattern inspired by moving water. They then rolled out a clay tile, impressed the pattern to the tile and cut them into water drop shapes. This was followed by a glazing week and a construction week!


Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 15.53_edited.jpg

The Red River Community Mosaic

January - March 2023

Funded by Community Led Local Development and European Regional Development Fund, as part of Phase 1 of our renovation. We opened our doors for an Open Day that enabled people to come in and craft their own tile to become a part of our building forever, as part of the Red River Community Mosaic. The Project is led by local artist Alec Rice and celebrates the natural, social and industrial history of Camborne.


Co-Working Kitchen Space Tiling Project

May 2023 - Present Day

Designed by Jane Smith, made by you here at Create Contemporary Crafts Hub. We invited all of our previous glass students to create a tile to decorate our kitchen space. We have an ongoing open call for individuals who would like to make a tile to get in touch and we'll organise a session. Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you would like to get involved!

Pot in a Box

April - June 2021

Funded by FEAST Cornwall, this project allowed 100 families in Camborne to explore creating in clay in the comfort of their own home.


Camborne Taster Sessions

May - July 2021

Funded by Camborne Town Council, these introductory sessions gave Camborne residents a free introduction to stained glass, enamelling, glass engraving and mosaics. This was a taste of what the Camborne Contemporary Crafts Hub will offer and allowed Create CIC to hear about their ideas and aspirations for the hub.


Coaster Connections

October 2020 - February 2021

Funded by the National Lottery Communities Fund, this was a project to improve mental health and wellbeing during the 2020 Covid lockdown.

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