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Monthly Makers: A Sneak Peak at March's Open Studio

We're so lucky to have such a lush community of regulars attending our Open Studio Sessions. But we don't want to keep that magic all to ourselves! Take a peak at a few of our favourite creations from this month's sessions.

a ceramic mug with a red tree on a matching coaster

ceramic coasters with surface decoration

(pictured above) Check out Sharon's stunning surface decorations on her matching coaster and cup collection.

“I joined the CREATE Centre to work with clay and then discovered glass making. Without any intention to join for anything other than making things, I soon discovered that community-based art-making improved my stress levels.

Getting lost in creating something, and meeting with likeminded people, is often prescribed for people with anxiety and depression so the feel-good feeling for me was an added bonus and at no extra charge! I had never worked with glass before but soon became hooked. Like most creative crafts you get a chance to remove everything else from your mind and concentrate on creating something from raw materials into a piece of art.

One of the best aspects of CREATE are the people who run it. The artists /tutors share all of their skills and knowledge. Nothing is out of bounds, unless of course it might injure someone or threaten to burn the building down.

Creativity is encouraged and enabled. “

Sharon Rice

Intermediate Ceramics, Glass Jewellery

a blue ceramic goddess vessel

3 ceramic godess vessels

(pictured above) Scope out the gorgeous curves on Kelly's Goddess vessels.

“Create CIC has been a great support with my journey with pottery. I signed up to Open Studios and never looked back! provides a friendly, relaxing environment where you can be yourself and get creative! It's nice to feel a part of the creative community that they are building. It's helped me to be more confident with clay and push myself to try out different building methods and experiment with different glazing techniques. Jane, Angela and Lois are full of knowledge which they are always happy to share . They're easy to talk to, answering my many questions and discuss any ideas I have or want to try. I'm excited to attend more courses in the future and watch the community grow.“

Kelly Sara

Ceramics Open Studio Time

a woman holding a collection of ceramic travel mugs

a collection of ceramic travel mugs with ocean paintings

(pictured above) Emily created the plaster moulds for these travel cups on Create CIC's TableWare Course. Since then, she has gone on to make a whole sea themed collection of them!

If you've previously attended one of our glass and ceramics courses and fancy giving making at your own pace a go, why not check out the availability for our Open Studios. If you're a maker with previous experience in glass or ceramics, these sessions are a perfect opportunity to use our space, kit and get expert advice from our in house artists and technicians.

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