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Tile Making And Building Works!

Red River community mosaic Saturday 11 February 10am - 4pm: all welcome

Come along this Saturday and make your own piece of history for free!

We have been working with Camborne based mosaic artist Alec Rice to develop an exciting project to tile our new toilets! His amazing ideas celebrate Camborne's rich industrial and cultural heritage, all linked together by the Red River flowing around each cubicle. Alec will be here to talk about his concept and help you make your own piece of this unique piece of art which will become a part of this building forever. Suitable for all ages. Coffee and cake available. No need to book - half hour slots throughout the day.

Sustainable renovation

Throughout the renovation works our priority is to consider our planet's future and safeguard it for future generations, making environmentally sustainable decisions everywhere we can. This includes using ThermaFleece CosyWool insulation, which is made in the UK from 75% British sheepswool and 25% recycled polyester, with no nasties used in the process.

A big part of this ethos is repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste. Last week artist and Camborne native Sovay Berriman collected the copper pipes from our old central heating system in order to turn them into brilliant pocket sculptures for her MESKLA Brewyon Drudh project exploring and celebrating Cornish Identity.

Glass tile project

Have you completed a fused glass course or workshop with us? If so we'd love you to come and make a glass tile for our new kitchen! Jane has designed a simple and elegant concept where every tile will be unique, and will also work together with all the others to create a beautiful backdrop to our new kitchen. Come along for free to one of our open studio time sessions on a Monday or Tuesday and make your own unique piece for our wall. Email to reserve your space.

Phase one of our building works will be complete by the end of March 2023 with the opening of our new toilets, creative co-working space, library, kitchen, and gallery. Once our new toilets are open we can start on phase two - the demolition of our old toilets and the building of a brand new, sustainable, state of the art ceramics studio. Follow us on social media for updates on the exciting events and courses we are planning for Spring and Summer 2023. Open studio time and kiln hire will continue throughout the works. Book here on the website or pop in on a Monday (10am - 4pm) or Tuesday (10am - 8.30pm) for more details.

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